FORTHCOMING EVENTS: Art Fairs, Exhibitions and Previews

EXHIBITION: Laurence Edwards ‘A Gathering of Uncertainties’

Starts: 13th September 2019
Ends: 4th October 2019

Messums are delighted to announce a double show of works by sculptor Laurence Edwards. The show is in divided into two parts, with large-scale public and private commissions on view in Wiltshire and recent works and studies in Cork Street. Encompassing works from the studio and a presentation of commissioned pieces including the unveiling of […]

EXHIBITION: Maquettes by Laurence Edwards – a collection of the unique, the series and the editioned

Starts: 13th September 2019
Ends: 4th October 2019

In addition to the main show, ‘A Gathering of Uncertainties’ there is on display a new maquette series fresh from Laurence Edwards’ foundry. These pieces are a menagerie of unique studies and individual pieces, some created in preparation for larger scale works and some playful maquettes, unique examinations of the human figure. These sculptures work […]

EVENT: British Art Fair

Starts: 3rd October 2019
Ends: 6th October 2019

Messums will be taking part in the British Art Fair for the first time this October showing works across genre – and from both London and Wiltshire galleries – including a preview of a painting by Henry Lamb and drawing by Brian Taylor as well as pieces by John Walker, Gavin Turk, Bridget McCrum, Elizabeth […]

EXHIBITION: Henry Lamb MC RA (1883-1960) Artist – Doctor – Artist ‘Works from 1914 – 1921’

Preview: 8th October 2019
Starts: 9th October 2019
Ends: 2nd November 2019

As representatives of the Henry Lamb Estate we are delighted to present a collection of oils and drawings by Henry Lamb from 1914 – 1921. Henry Lamb was an Australian born British Painter who was a founding member of the Camden Town Group. The son of a mathematician, Lamb was raised in Manchester and later […]


EXHIBITION: Brian Taylor ‘ Drawings from the 1984 Naum Gabo Studio Series’

Preview: 8th October 2019
Starts: 9th October 2019
Ends: 1st November 2019

Drawings by Brian Taylor inspired by a period of time he spent in Naum Gabo’s studio in Connecticut will be on display at Messums London from 9  October – 1 November 2019. Taylor rarely made drawings of his subjects in advance of sculpting them in clay, but in 1984 he went to stay in New […]

TALKS & TAPAS: The Art of Drawing

Date: 15th October 2019

Our Tuesday talks and tapas are an opportunity to delve into a theme that springs from the artists on show at the time. From the 8th of October we are excited to have the drawings of Brian Taylor and Henry Lamb in the gallery and therefore our evening of food and champagne will be accompanied […]

EVENT: The Last Drop Dinners – A uniquely curated evening of fine art, fine food & fine spirits

Starts: 19th November 2019
Ends: 21st November 2019

Three remarkable evenings designed to appeal to our senses of occasion and exploration have been curated by Johnny Messum, Rebecca Jago and Alex Motture. You are invited to take your seat at the table to enjoy a pairing of exceptionally rare and aged whiskies from The Last Drop Distillers with a five course supper prepared […]

EVENT: Kurt Jackson talk at The Royal Academy

Date: 3rd December 2019

3 December 2 – 3pm. The Royal Academy lecture theatre £20 To mark the opening of Kurt Jackson’s two new shows – at Messums London and Wiltshire – we are delighted to host a talk at the Benjamin West Lecture hall at the Royal Academy followed by the exhibition opening on Cork Street and the […]

EXHIBITION: Kurt Jackson

Preview: 3rd December 2019
Starts: 4th December 2019
Ends: 21st December 2019

Kurt Jackson, this country’s leading environmental artist working in watercolour and mixed media, traces the origin of the river Stour – ‘his fathers’ river’ – on the east coast of England and explores the relationship between life and death and flora and fauna, before turning to another river source: this time in the Southwest and […]

PAST EVENTS: Art Fairs, Exhibitions and Previews

EVENT: Talks and Tapas, Laurence Edwards

Date: 17th September 2019

Messums London would like to invite you to the first of our monthly Tuesday Talks and Tapas evenings. An in-focus event for our collectors and friends to get together and explore the work of Laurence Edwards. Laurence is a creative titan who’s unique and world class casting methods have made him one of the UK’s […]

ON VIEW: Camden Town Group

Starts: 9th August 2019
Ends: 23rd August 2019

An exciting selection of some of the key works from the Camden Town Group exhibition remain at Cork St. These highlights come from our exhibition on the Camden Town School and Royal Academicians representing the lifetime obsession of Christopher Mason-Watts with completing this collection. So often the context of a gallery is to allow an […]

POD POP UP: Window Take Over

Starts: 8th August 2019
Ends: 23rd August 2019

‘The Pod’ at Messums Wiltshire is a unique retail space inside our 13th century tithe barn. It curates a fusion of artists and makers brought together to explore the margin where art meets design and craft. This window takeover in London focuses particularly on the medium of wood and its organic and versatile nature. Fritz Baumann, […]

EXHIBITION: Tuesday Riddell

Starts: 7th August 2019
Ends: 23rd August 2019

Tuesday Riddell’s work takes us down to the forest floor and a glorious insight into the world that captures her imagination, that ethereal nocturne when all cycles of life and death carry on with rarely a watchful eye. However it is also her unique craftsmanship in the ancient art of japanning that catches the eye. […]

EXHIBITION: Malene Hartmann Rasmussen ‘FANTASMA (Ghost)’

Starts: 17th July 2019
Ends: 2nd August 2019

Danish artist Malene Hartmann Rasmussen works with figurative narrative sculpture and installation, creating work from individual hand-modelled ceramics and found objects. She is part of a vanguard of artists who choose not to define themselves by discipline or craft but instead blur the boundaries between Applied Art, Design and Fine Art, with exceptional hand-craftsmanship at […]

TALK & TOUR: Daniel Agdag Exhibition

Date: 3rd July 2019

Join us at midday on the opening day of Daniel’s exhibition ‘STATE’ for a talk and tour of the show by the artist. Daniel Agdag is an artist and filmmaker based in Melbourne, Australia whose practice sits at the nexus of sculpture and motionography. He creates highly detailed sculptural pieces that have been described as […]

EXHIBITION: Antony Williams

Starts: 3rd July 2019
Ends: 2nd August 2019

As one of the leading contemporary figurative artists working today Antony Williams is dealing uniquely with matters of reflection and thoughtfulness in a context embedded in tradition and provenance. This series of beautifully conceived works perfectly examples Williams’s recent development towards, not only the human psyche, but how this relates to the natural landscape. Williams’ […]


Starts: 3rd July 2019
Ends: 12th July 2019

Daniel Agdag, an artist and filmmaker from Melbourne, creates models that come to life through the medium of stop motion animation. As static objects, however, these pieces invite close personal inspection and maintain suggestions of whimsy and narrative. Agdag’s pieces make no attempt to conceal the mechanisms and materials of his process. For Agdag, cardboard […]

EXHIBITION: A Very British Collection

Starts: 5th June 2019
Ends: 28th June 2019

A Very British Collection is a selection of 20th Century work that provides a unique opportunity to see together both a remarkably complete collection of Camden Town Group and British Figurative paintings. It is also an insight into the desire to collect, and how personality can shape that process. This collection comes directly from one […]