Shohei Fujimoto

Born in 1989. Based in Tokyo. From a primitive perspective, explores perceptual experiences of essential nature through attempts to concisely capture the data and facts behind phenomena and shapes, emphasize them, and complicate them.
Light, time and autonomy are the motifs of the work. Everything is coded and serves as a component of the exploration process. Often I call code and math operations invisible markers that generate shapes. When these are properly constructed, it becomes a protocol that connects the viewer and the work. Instead of sculpting an image in a specific way, I emphasize the data contained in the mathematical operations behind the image from a more primitive perspective and generate a new image. In other words, it is an attempt to concisely capture the pure data and facts that the base image originally has, complicate them, and find a different perspective. The purpose is to explore the essential space, the visual experience, and the means of creating my art. There is a perceptual experience with new properties, where minimal and organic (wild) properties overlap.

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