Exhibitions & Events

EXHIBITION: Antony Williams ‘In stillness – Life’

14 September – 14 October

This exhibition will showcase a collection of paintings by one of the leading contemporary figurative artists, Antony Williams, and will present two significant series of portraits.

EXHIBITION: Richard Hoare ‘Helios’

23 September – 14 October

9 paintings to celebrate the 9 month of the year and the Autumn Solstice. Homeric Greek: Ἠέλιος
This selection of work by Richard Hoare centres on an object so omnipresent that we rarely account for its existence, but stop to look, feel and its remarkable nature becomes all the more surprising.

EXHIBITION: Kitty Shepherd ‘Word of Mouth’

19 October – 18 November

This first major collection of playful ceramic works from Kitty Shepherd includes ceramic jars, plates and vases and displays multifaceted stories. At heart, ‘Word of Mouth’ is a simple story of names, colours and social history.

EXHIBITION: Jeffrey Milstein ‘Patterns of Culture’

23 November – 23 December

On the occasion of Jeffrey Milstein’s first solo show in the UK, Messums London presents a selection of works documenting patterns of culture in Europe and the United States as viewed from above. Milstein trained as an architect before turning to photography. Growing up his two interests were art and flying; becoming a pilot as a teenager. His first portfolio, Aircraft the Jet as Art, has been exhibited throughout the world, including a year-long solo show at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

AUSTRALIA EXHIBITION: Laurence Edwards: A Gathering of Uncertainties

4 February – 16 April 2023

Developed in partnership with Messums Wiltshire, this exhibition will be the first exhibition of contemporary sculpture in the recently completed North Gallery at Orange and will radically transform the space, offering Australian audiences a rare encounter with Laurence Edwards’ work.

Messums Photography

Our photography programme features international, renowned and emerging artists and photographers working in various parts of the world encouraging dialogue between contemporary imagery and archives, reflecting on the evolution of photography as a storytelling genre.