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Exhibitions & Events

ONLINE EVENTS: Active Environmentalism

January – May 2021

Active Environmentalism is our take on how to better understand the right thing to do. We can’t value what we don’t know and by becoming better informed we can more readily make the right decisions individually.
Join us for a programme of connected discussions where we learn about the environment to help shape the way we chose to live our lives.


March – April

Making: Its significance, process and meaning
Online talks throughout March and April
The second in our series of online talks focusses on the handmade and the makers at the forefront. The series will be running alongside our annual ceramics exhibition.
Each talk is approximately 30-40 minutes long followed by discussions and we welcome your questions in advance to help build the conversation.

EXHIBITIONS & EVENTS: Messums Photography

from 12 May 2021

Messums is pleased to announce the creation of its new Photographic Department, officially launching in May 2021.

EXHIBITION: Christie Brown ‘Untold Forms of Life’

12 May – 11 June

Christie Brown’s figures teeter on the foggy intersection between art and craft. Very clearly sculptural but informed by a deep history of clay. Upon graduating from a diploma in Studio Pottery at Harrow in the early 1980’s, Brown found her work without an obvious niche.

EXHIBITION: The Karen Blixen Archive

12 May – 11 June

Messums London is pleased to present Tales of Africa, an exhibition of 15 photographs of renowned author Karen Blixen’s life in Kenya and a commentary on the objects as markers of colonial history.