Exhibitions & Events

EXHIBITION: Resonances | Nii Obodai and Justin Keene

12 January – 11 February 2022

Messums London presents its first contemporary photography show by artists Nii Obodai and Justin Keene. Through a selection of delicately composed and elusive images, this exhibition opens up layers of entry points for the viewer, allowing us to consider within an aesthetic language our relationship with nature and read cultural history through the environment.

POP-UP EXHIBITION: Makoto Kagoshima

Tuesday 1 – Thursday 3 February

For three days only, we are hosting a pop-up exhibition online and in Melbourne, Australia of a new capsule collection by Makoto Kagoshima. Makoto trained as an artist, and then worked for the Conran Shop in Japan, but it is with clay that he has found his medium. 

ONLINE TALK: Contemporary African Photography in Focus

Friday 4 February, 2pm

On the occasion of Messums London first contemporary photography exhibition ‘Resonances’, visual artists Nii Obodai and Justin Keene will be in conversation with Stephanie Blomkamp, founder of Oath magazine, on the visibility, circulation and championing of African photography today.

EXHIBITION: Henry Lamb ‘In Arcadia’

16 February – 18 March 2022

Henry Lamb was born in Adelaide, Australia in 1883 shortly before his father moved the family to Manchester having taken a post in the Mathematics department of Manchester University.

EXHIBITION: Peter Brown ‘London – The Return’

23 March – 22 April 2022

A record in 50 oil paintings of a desolated London and its inspirational return to the streets we see once again today.
Pete’s next show show at Messums London: ‘Capital Paintings’ follows on from his 2021 ‘Big Year’ exhibition which recorded the Uk’s pandemic experience.

Messums Photography

Our photography programme features international, renowned and emerging artists and photographers working in various parts of the world encouraging dialogue between contemporary imagery and archives, reflecting on the evolution of photography as a storytelling genre.