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Exhibitions & Events

ONLINE EVENTS: Active Environmentalism

January – May 2021

Active Environmentalism is our take on how to better understand the right thing to do. We can’t value what we don’t know and by becoming better informed we can more readily make the right decisions individually.
Join us for a programme of connected discussions where we learn about the environment to help shape the way we chose to live our lives.

EXHIBITIONS & EVENTS: Messums Photography

from 12 May 2021

Messums is pleased to announce the creation of its new Photographic Department, officially launching in May 2021.

John Walker ‘Seal Point’

16 June – 9 July

From as early as the 1970’s Walker was one of the most influential and imitated painters working in the UK; he exhibited alongside Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, represented his country at the 1972 Venice Biennale, had extensive survey shows at both the Tate and Hayward galleries and was nominated for the Turner Prize in 1985.

ONLINE TALK: Korean Ceramics with Paul Greenhalgh & HyunJoo Kim

Wednesday 30 June, 6:30pm

During the Korean ceramics exhibition in Messums Yorkshire, ceramics director and curator Paul Greenhalgh and designer HyunJoo Kim discuss the work of Ree Soo-Jong. HyunJoo Kim works with Ree Soo-Jong and introduced us to his work.

ONLINE TALK: Biodiversity with Artist Kurt Jackson

Wednesday 21 July, 6:30pm

Artist & environmentalist Kurt Jackson has created a new body of work and a book about biodiversity. The exhibition is on tour from May.

ONLINE TALK: Photographer Yan Wang Preston

Saturday 28 July, 6:30pm

Join us talk with photographer Yan Wang Preston interviewed by our director of photography Dr Julie Bonzon.

EXHIBITION: Close Enough: Robert Capa

8 September – 1 October

Robert Capa (1931 – 1954) is a legend in the history of photojournalism and possibly the most famous war photographer of the last century.

ONLINE TALK: with Photography Collector & Author David Kogan

Wednesday 15 September, 6:30pm

David Kogan will introduce his photography collection which includes work by the renowned war photographer Robert Capa.

ONLINE TALK: with V&A Director Tristram Hunt

Wednesday 13 October, 6pm

Talk at Messums Wiltshire gallery and online with V&A director and author Tristram Hunt as he introduces his new book ‘The Radical Potter’.