Charles Poulsen



20 September – 13 October 2023

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Drawing has, in recent years, been Poulsen’s primary means of expression which for him offers immediacy and a direct means of communication. He comments, “it evokes and suggests rather than fixes, it feels transitory and ephemeral, echoing the lives we live”. In much the same way, the concept of Time is, in our own measure, mis-matched to that of plants and planets. Particularly in his large time-based sculptures, we have to freely accept that none of us may see the outcome but be content in the knowledge that we were there at the beginning.

The exhibition will showcase a series of large abstract drawings by Poulsen realised in layers of pencil, wax and gouache. The drawings start with a square, chosen for its stability and calmness without the landscape or portrait associations. The drawings are without narrative or direct observation, looking beyond physical matter to the invisible energies, the basic form of things. These overlaying structures of irregular spatial elements are ‘rooted’ in a grid formation if only loosely. Poulsen thinks of the drawing as akin to organic geometry.

These works will be accompanied by sculptures in bronze and a series of 3D works in wax which Poulsen describes as three-dimensional drawings. The wax medium offers a translucent quality giving an impression of looking into and through the work as though peering into infinite space.


Photo (top): Photographer Colin Hattersley