Kitty Shepherd

Word of Mouth


19 October – 18 November 2022

Exhibition goes live at 10am on 19 October
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This first major collection of playful ceramic works from Kitty Shepherd includes ceramic jars, plates and vases and displays multifaceted stories.

At heart, ‘Word of Mouth’ is a simple story of names, colours and social history. Every lipstick chosen for illustration throughout the exhibited works is a reflection of the popularity of cosmetics over the last 75 years and in all cases, a genuine example of an actual cosmetic product and its name. Some of these are discontinued, but many are still current and have retained their eccentric and idiosyncratic naming conventions. As a particularly whimsical choice in this Jubilee year, one is included that was made for and used by the Queen of England.

The centrepiece of the exhibition will be the titular work; 48 ceramic tablets, each illustrating a favourite lipstick and all framed together to create a burst of colour at first glance, resembling a stained-glass window. In the same manner, the work depicts a journey with each tablet and its individual lipstick having its roots in a collective nostalgia and open to individual interpretation.

Alongside this will be a second installation of 48 ceramic tiles, entitled ‘Needle Drop’. In a similar nod to contemporary culture, each tile will illustrate one of a personal selection of popular song titles from the last 60 years. Intended to be viewed together, the subject matter of the two installations represents both the vacuity and triviality of western society, yet at the same time acknowledges their transitory importance.