Jeffrey Milstein

Patterns of Culture


23 November – 23 December 2022

BOOK LAUNCH: Tuesday 22 November, free event  BOOK PLACE

Exhibition opens at 10am on 23 December

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On the occasion of Jeffrey Milstein’s first solo show in the UK, Messums London presents a selection of works documenting patterns of culture in Europe and the United States as viewed from above. Milstein trained as an architect before turning to photography. Growing up his two interests were art and flying; becoming a pilot as a teenager. His first portfolio, Aircraft the Jet as Art, has been exhibited throughout the world, including a year-long solo show at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

Ten years ago he began photographing from small planes and helicopters, using very high-resolution digital cameras. With his architects eye for patterns and geometry, Milstein pioneered a style of precise straight-down aerial photography.

Photographed from the sky, ‘Patterns of Culture’, depicts the man-made environment, revealing unique and surreal topographic structures. The exhibition offers viewers the possibility to immerse themselves into a visual odyssey and contemplate their immediate surroundings with new eyes.


Image caption: Jeffrey Milstein, NYC, Times Square © Jeffrey Milstein