Mr Whippy Jar, 2020

A Slipware Jar
50 cm tall 100 cm diameter

The form of coil built red Staffordshire earthware illustrated with ice creams against white, blue, turquoise and verdigris sports on black ground using slipware traditions of slip trailing, painting, and finished with transparent gloss glaze to 1120°c oxidation gas firing. 




Kitty Shepherd [ 1960 - Present ]

Kitty Shepherd (b. 1960) is a ceramic artist whose career as a slipware potter spans 35 years. Her training began in the arts, but not in ceramics. Her early passions were for the stage studying primarily voice and drama before she first met clay as a minor subject. From the first beginnings of a ceramics A Level she went on to study Product and Three-Dimensional Design and this set her up to make

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