The Mists of Botallack

Rose Hilton 1931- 2019

oil on canvas

51 x 61 cm


Signed on reverse


Botallack is an old mining area in Cornwall. Mining records date back as far as the 1500s, but it was completely closed in 1895 due to the dramatic fall in copper and tin prices. Rose Hilton lived around Botallack; the area and her house there was the subject of many of her paintings. This painting portrays a different aspect to the Cornish landscape, perhaps real rather than idealised. Her landscapes have a softness from them, which escape from the strictness of her draughtsmanship. The landscape appears weathered through her muted palette, with an expert use of paint to bring the sense of mist into the composition. When talking about her painting Grey Kitchen, 2004, she expressed that she ‘deliberately set out to convey the sense of the soft all over greys of Cornwall’, which is deeply apparent in this artwork.



Rose Hilton [ 1931 - 2019 ]

Rose Hilton was a British painter living in Cornwall. Born in Kent, in 1931, she attended the Royal College of Art in London, winning the Life Drawing and Painting prize as well as the Abbey Minor Scholarship to Rome.

Upon her return to London, she began teaching art, and, in the late 1950s met her future husband, the leading abstract artist Roger Hilton. Roger ac

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