Antony Williams

Beyond the Pines

Tempera on panel
H109 x W74cm


The work of Antony Williams is based on intense observation creating, as a result, a heightened sense of realism. Beyond the Pines is based on the artist’s exploration of the landscape around Chobham Common, near his home in Surrey. The painting represents one of Williams’ first forays outside the studio and depicts a landscape with a figurative element, represented by the figure walking towards the trees suggesting an implied narrative. There is a sense of unease, a lone figure looking to the woods, their back to the viewer, their facial expression and internal thoughts unknown. An eerie stillness pervades the atmosphere and a mood of uncertainty leaving interpretation open to what may or may not be about to happen. This enigmatic quality is characteristic of the artist’s work and present in his portraits, landscapes and still-lifes.

Commenting on Williams’ paintings, Ivor Braka remarks, ‘The great strength of his work is that this exactitude of observation and technique still allows for complex emotional responses, with meaning being reserved and implicit.’

The exhibition Antony Williams: In stillness: Life will take place at Messums London from 14 September until 14 October 2022.