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AOmaon Collectif was selected to present their work at 4 by 20 Emerging Choreographer Platform in 2022.

Founded In October 2019, AOmaon Collectif Is a creative collective dedicated to choreographic and visual art. The aspiration is to generate new collaborations between movement and other artistic branches. AOmaon is created by two young French artists : Olivia Grassot and Adélie Lavail. It all began during their training at The Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance where they developed their artistic identity and found a common interest in choreography to generate their own language. Since then, AOmaon Collectif has been invited to choreograph and to share their own practice with students from different schools around EU and the UK. As independent artists, they both worked as performers and teachers around the UK, Europe and China.

AOmaon Collectif is constantly looking to exchange new ideas to generate creativity and to open dialogues with the participants, the audience, the collaborators and the curious minds. This meeting point, through dance, represents a collective strength; Emotions, spontaneity, softness, vulnerability, poetry and self-derision, these are the colors represented in the palette of their movements.They are looking to share a social experience and to open borders to imagination in order to present universal and accessible artworks to everyone.

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