Nii Obodai [ - Present ]



Nii Obodai is based in Accra, Ghana and Maputo, Mozambique. He works with photography, audio, and text and is particularly interested in photography as a medium for recording and celebrating the unseen and the everyday in Africa. His deep interest in how the past is remembered stems in part from aphantasia, a condition which prevents him from forming images in his mind. In 1998, he co-established Nuku Café in Accra, which evolved into Nuku Studio and later the eponymous Nuku Photo Festival, Ghana’s first photography festival.

Nii Obodai’s work has been exhibited internationally, notably in the Addis Ababa Festival, the Guggenheim Museum and the Bamako Encounters.


Nii Kwei’s Day





Untitled #13

From the series Portraits As We Are, Who Knows Tomorrow, 2010
60 x 60 cm, limited edition
Archival Inkjet print