Richard Hoare [ 1967 - Present ]

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Richard has been painting ever since he left school – a vocational painter in the truest sense. The Inspiration for his work goes back to some of his earliest memories of the forests around his Father’s farm in East Anglia. This was magnified by his experiences walking the Pilgrim routes of England, France and Spain, drawing and recording the all the way.

His work never stagnates, always evolving and moving forward, reflecting perhaps the experience of the Pilgrimages. This is despite the apparent paradox of his regular return to stand on the same spot in the same locations seen in his work, year after year. The Journey begins, rests and then continues with Light, every step enriched by the experience of this Light.

Richard has recently worked in various countries (America and Argentinian and Chilean Andes in 2016 and 2017), exploring the archetype of the ‘Mountain of Light’ as a guiding focus in these Landscapes. Work that proved to be an excellent preparation for the two year project and residence in Koumi, Japan, which led to the two month Solo Exhibition at The Kougen Museum of Art in 2018. On his return West, Richard continues to return to the Landscape.

Richard’s work is held in public collections, such as Wiltshire County Council, C. Hoare & Co. Bank, Fleet Street, London, The Bridgeman Art Library, The Lowther Art Collection, Falmouth Art Gallery.




Richard Hoare ‘Threshold’

14 January – 26 February 2023


23 September – 14 October 2022


Alchemy of Light

5 December – 10 January 2020