Starts: 3rd July 2019
Ends: 12th July 2019

Messums London
28 Cork Street


Daniel Agdag, an artist and filmmaker from Melbourne, creates models that come to life through the medium of stop motion animation. As static objects, however, these pieces invite close personal inspection and maintain suggestions of whimsy and narrative. Agdag’s pieces make no attempt to conceal the mechanisms and materials of his process. For Agdag, cardboard is a tool with endless potential. These pieces are part architectural model, part movie set, part artifact hinting at excavated civilizations in the miniature, or museum relics of undiscovered worlds. On Wednesday 3rd July there will be a talk and tour examining Agdag’s imaginative creations allowing you into the universe of the miniature.

Agdag’s practice sits at the nexus of sculpture and motionography. He creates highly detailed sculptural pieces that have been described as architectural in form, whimsical and antiquated in nature and inconceivably intricate. Daniel predominately works in cardboard. Drawn to its utilitarian origins and monochromatic presentation, he creates a paradox of fragility and strength with structures that resemble architectural forms and machines.