The David Roberts Collection

25 – 29 August 


Jane Hamlyn

Jane Hamlyn set up her studio in 1975 and became a full-time potter in the Leach tradition. Her works are meant to celebrate the rituals of daily life. In the 1980s she began to add handles to her works and in 1986 was awarded the John Ruskin bursary, which allowed her to go work and study in Hungary for six weeks.

Ian Pirie

Yolande Beer

Yolande Beer was born in Sussex and studied 3D design at Brighton. After five years of working as a recognised studio potter, she was given sponsorship to travel to Japan which ignited the Japanese elements and influences which are prominent in her work. Since her return to England in 1998, Yolande has featured in numerous shops and exhibitions and has even collaborated with The Body Shop in the realm of shop display. She is currently working from a pottery studio in West Hoathly.

Phil Rogers

Phil Rogers was born in Newport South Wales and attended both Newport and Swansea Colleges of art. He opened his first workshop in 1977 on Rhayader. Rogers is currently working with the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge cataloging the Dr John Shakeshaft collection. His work is held in 50 museums internationally.

Kirk Magnus

Kirt Magnus was both a ceramicist and sculptor. He was head of the department of ceramics at Kent State University from 1985 until his death in 2013. His work had a diverse range of influences from comic books to Asian ceramic traditions.

Clive Bowen

Clive Bowen was born in Cardiff in 1943. He studied both painting and etching before taking an apprenticeship in ceramics. He has been making woodfired earthenware at Shebear Pottery since 1971

Billy Adams

Billy Adams’ work explore and experiment with the landscape, while usually using the style of a vessel. His ceramics are designed to make you value them as more like a piece of sculpture than a household ceramic. Adams takes the tradition of ceramics and adds his own style to them, abstracting them from their identifiable function.

John Pollex

John Pollex studied at the Sir John Cass School of Art before becoming a technician at the Harrow Studio Pottery Course, where he essentially gained free tuition while working there. His abstract style developed in the mid-1980s and he cites Mark Rothko as one his influences.

David Lloyd-Jones

David Lloyd-Jones found his passion for ceramics while watching Indian potters during his army service. In the 1950s he made pots alongside Helen Pincombe at the Guilford School of Art. In 1962 he set up his own workshop in York were he remained until his death.

Ibrahim Mutari

Peter Starkey

Peter Starkey is a pioneer of salt glazed ceramics in the contemporary studio. He was the leader of the Dartington Training Workshop project. He also taught ceramics at the School of Art and Design at the University of Wales. Starkey is fascinated by the unpredictability that comes with firing ceramics alongside salt.

Derek Emms

Ruthanne Tudball

Ruthanne Tudball was born in California and was initially inspired by the primal connections to elements such as mountains and the sea. She moved to England in 1968 where she initially taught herself before beginning a part-time post-graduate course at Goldsmiths College. She still works in the UK and has taken time over the lockdown period to focus on her new work and style development.

Kyra Cane

Due to her continuous focus on vessels, pots are the main form present in Kyra Cane’s work. Cane enjoys the challenges which come from using a pottery wheel as each action whether it be the speed or decisions she makes a constant challenge for her. Her work is predominantly made using Limoges Porcelain because of its raw colour and strength when fired.

Christine Ann

Christine Ann trained at the Harrow School of Art and Technology with Mick Casson before working with David Leach. In 1976 she was elected to the membership of the Craftsmen Potters Association and the Society of Designer Craftsmen. In 1978 she traveled to China which had a great influence over her work and she regularly now returns.

Ann James

Gabrielle Koch