B E T H   M O O N

O A K S   O F   E N G L A N D


23 January – 20 February 


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Born in Neenah, Wisconsin USA, Beth Moon has dedicated the last decade to documenting the biggest, oldest and rarest trees in the world.

Moon began her career studying fine art at the University of Wisconsin and since 1999, her richly toned platinum prints have gained international recognition appearing in more than sixty solo and group exhibitions in the United States, Italy, England, France, Israel, Brazil, Dubai, Singapore, and Canada.

Platinum printing is noted for its beautiful luminosity and wide tonal scale, the absence of a binder layer allows very fine crystals of platinum to be embedded into the paper giving it a 3-dimensional appearance.

The process is laborious and first involves humidifying the paper in a chamber. A sensitized solution of platinum and palladium metals are then hand brushed onto the paper and left to dry in a light free box. It is then put into a vacuum frame which keeps the paper and negative tightly pressed together and exposed under a UV light source. Developer is then poured over the paper as the image appears. The print then goes through 3 successive clearing baths and a final archival clearing wash. It is then left on a glass plate to dry.

By choosing a process that lasts forever Beth “hope[s] to speak of survival, drawing on the common theme of time and continuance, pairing subject and process.”