‘The Glastonbury Paintings’


Such is the popularity of Kurt’s work that paintings of this scale are rarely available and these are arguably some of his most important in that they capture unique moments in time, that can never be repeated.

Kurt Jackson has been artist in residence at Glastonbury Festival for the past twenty years. These significant paintings on canvas depict his unique record of the world’s most famous music festival, painted over the past ten years. They include scenes of massed, ecstatic armies, lost revellers, panoramic landscapes of waving flags, neon, and the wood smoke that swirls across the Vale of Avalon after summer solstice.

“I sketch and draw and paint and scribble above the crowds, in the crowds, under peoples feet, in their faces; I aim to immerse myself in the Glastonbury experience and come away with some kind of record on paper showing what I’ve seen, felt and experienced.” he explains.

“The great thing about Glastonbury is that it’s about fun and delight (and a bit of hedonism) but also engages with the serious issues of the future of the planet and our environment. I’ve been at most of the festivals, I’ve painted over a quarter of them.”