STUDIO STORY: with poet and artist Gommie


Spoken word poem ‘Sitting Down is Dangerous’ performed by Gommie followed by a conversation with the curator at Soho House and Gommie’s mentor Kate Bryan.

What does a travelling poet do during lockdown?

“On Tuesday 17th of March 2020, I was in Llandudno Junction in North Wales. Boris had just shut the pubs and I realised that I could no longer morally roam from place to place the way I had been doing.”

Lockdown has affected us all and no more so than artist and travelling poet Gommie. Taking government sanctioned daily walks Gommie began mapping out the shape of our new way of life. Noting fragments of language coming to the fore and engaging more with life online.

“I had some beautiful and hilarious conversations with people from all over the world about their experiences of lockdown. I realised how romantic so many of us are. How funny and silly and poetic we all have the ability to remain during abrupt change.”