Man of Stones

Series of 9
H 53cm

Laurence Edwards’ work explores the complex relationship between humans, nature and their environment. This connecting of humanity and nature through the use of allegory and exploring themes from ancient myths and particularly Ovid’s ‘Metamorphoses’. Edwards’ transmutations transcend the physical material and are consumed with loss and sublimation, where the physical body becomes a vessel to carry metaphor and meaning.  Man of Stones joins a whole series of archetypes that Edwards has created in a series of enigmatic characters such as The Carrier with bundles of long branches, whilst weighed down by his burden, acts as a balancing beam.

Calvin Winner
In November 2019 Man of Stones was unveiled within the sculpture park of the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts. This 8ft bronze sculpture stands within the natural landscape and relates directly to Edwards’ interest in nature, ecology and the environment. Photographer and filmmaker Bill Jackson documented the process of the making of the Man of Stones in his film of the same name.


Laurence Edwards [ 1967 - Present ]

One of the few sculptors who casts his own work, Laurence Edwards is fascinated by human anatomy and the metamorphosis of form and matter that governs the lost-wax process.

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