Bruce Munro ‘Time and Place’


7 December – 26 January 2020

Light is one of the most exciting mediums in contemporary art, and we are delighted to present a solo exhibition by one of the medium’s leading practitioners, artist Bruce Munro.

Bruce Munro has made an international reputation as a creator of land art on a monumental scale. Taking ordinary and mundane materials such as hay bales, water bottles and CDs, he invites people to look at them in a different way – through a process of repetition and ordering, his works become dramatic backdrops to mesmerising and mysterious displays that question the nature of time. Central to each work is an exploration of emotional connection and these connections tie together ideas and places of great personal significance. But it is his time spent in Australia that infuses his work most strongly. There is a contrast between England’s soft light and gentle landscape and the merciless sun and dramatic topography of the Antipodes that couldn’t be more different, but both have fuelled his work, which goes back decades and above all, explores the feelings engendered by a moment in time.