Dancing Ladies

h90.5cm x w102.5cm x d102.5cm
Edition 1 of 9

This is the first time the artist has exhibited this work on this scale.

“The ladyhare is a character I developed as a companion to the Minotaur. She is half woman and half Hare . Ladyhare encompasses everything it is to be a strong independent woman yet at the same time , when with my  Minotaur she becomes part of a solid partnership, a friend , a lover, a mother and sometimes vulnerable also.

This sculpture of three ladyhares dancing is meant to portray a joyful moment in time between three people. Probably subconsciously my two daughters and myself. Kicking  their legs and tipping their heads with carefree abandon.” Sophie Ryder






Sophie Ryder [ 1963 - Present ]

Sophie Ryder was born in London, England, in 1963 and was the youngest student after J.M.W. Turner to be admitted to the Royal Academy Schools in London aged 17.  2023 marks Sophie Ryder’s 60th year and celebratory events opened with the solo exhibition ‘Sophie Ryder: Sculpture, Drawings and Prints’  at the Djanogly Art Gallery (til 12 March) curated by Neil Walker. From 1st April – 10th September

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