Dominic Welch & Bridget McCrum


10 April – 4 May 2019

An exhibition in Sydney, Australia showing a collection of works by British sculptors Dominic Welch and Bridget McCrum.

Dominic Welch is part of a rich legacy of British sculptors working in stone and first appeared on the Australian Art scene with a large Kilkenny Marble sculpture Sentinel that was selected for the Sculpture by the Sea in 2004.

McCrum’s work is a potent fusion of the ancient with the modern. She works primarily in stone, from which some pieces are also cast in bronze. Initially influenced by archaeological finds and by the work of Brancusi, Hepworth and Moore, her sculpture also contains oblique references to the landscape and fauna around her homes in Devon and Gozo. The basis of her work is a lyrical abstraction of living forms.