H is for Gorse

Mixed media and collage on canvas

122 x 122 cm

‘This image [H is for Gorse] depicts the scrubland around my home in West Cornwall, a place named in Kernewek [Cornish] for the gorse that dominates the landscape. Gorse or furze or even fuzzy bush as its known locally was an important resource as the main domestic fuel and a fodder crop for livestock in this area. Apart from being a beautiful splash of colour in the Spring it is also a vital habitat for numerous species of wildlife. I have been motivated by this plant to paint, draw and sculpt numerous pieces in response. This image was used for the cover of the 2019 book “Kurt Jackson, A Botanical Landscape” where an entire chapter was given over to ‘gorse works’. The painting focusses on the bizarre and apparent illogical letter on a yellow [water] sign positioned in a yellow landscape’