Jungle Glacier, Chile, 2013

Dibond Mounted / Lustre Paper / Laminated / Unframed



“An arduous trek through remote, mountainous jungle terrain reveals this extraordinary meeting of ice, water, rock and jungle, under a menacing grey sky: a mesmerising conjuncture of glacial solidity and forceful fluidity. A crystal blue glacier hangs, eternally suspended between two jet black, rocky and snow-capped mountain peaks, whilst waterfalls crash with magnificent power into the valley below.”



Alexander Lindsay [ - Present ]

Alexander Lindsay creates photographic landscapes of extraordinary beauty. For the past forty years, Lindsay has brought his cameras to the most extreme situations and environments on the planet. From his earliest experiences with the Maasai tribe, a five year spell in Afghanistan during Soviet occupation and his expeditions to photograph and film the wreck of the Titanic 4km beneath the ocean.

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