Yox Man Maquette

34 x 15x 9cm

This sculpture is the maquette for the 26ft sculpture Yox-Man, which now soars above the A12 in Suffolk.

The maquette’s feet merge with the ground, like a metaphor of the twinning of man and nature. Furthermore, there is no differentiation between the texture of the figure’s body and its base as if we are witnessing the end of its emergence from the earth, further enhancing this notion of the twinning of man and nature. The head is not looking straight on, rather it is angled like it is looking around, observing the environment it has arrived at.  As Laurence said about Yox Man this figure is “kind of like a revenant visitor from the past that’s come back, musing on an unrecognisable environment and contemplating its future”. The bronze is not a smooth surface, rather it elevates and recedes, perhaps reflecting the marks of the River Yox and journey through the lowlands of East Suffolk before it flows as the Minsmere into the North Sea.

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