Michael Flynn Ceramics


22 February – 15 March 2020

Michael Flynn is one of Britain’s most remarkable sculptors working in clay today and godfather of a new movement of figurative, ceramic narrative art sweeping Europe that Messums Wiltshire has been proud to celebrate. Born in 1947 in Germany to Irish parents, he has lived all around the world and is inspired by everything from Romanian and Japanese poetry to ancient Greek myths. His works are modelled on the kind of courtly figurines made in the 18th century by Wedgwood and Meissen but subverted, presenting them wrestling, jumping, hanging upside down and in displays of orgiastic candour.

In the show at Messums Wiltshire we will be showing examples of works from all periods of Flynn’s career – from his early polychromatic pieces inspired by the relationship between Dionysus and the harlequin to his rougher, more craquelured stoneware portraits of dancing animals and most recently, to more etoliated pure white porcelain works inspired by the idea of Vanitas.

His work is in 40 major collections worldwide including the Museum of Art and Design in New York and The Victoria and Albert Museum.

Catalogue available from mid February.