Small Head

Gjoa Haven,
Antler, bone
H 9.5cm



Gjoa Haven shares with Taloyoak a regional style which tends to the grotesque with a preference for mixed media. In this small sculpture, Suqslaq has mounted the face of an Inuk on what appears to be a portion of an aged muskox horn. The weathered and wrinkled face is framed by the fur of a parka hood. It is in fact bas-relief carving in which the artist has gone deeply into his material to isolate the face and then add extremely detailed features. The result is certainly a sculpture with personality.

Kitikmeot Region:
This area covers territory further north and west of the Kivalliq region. Two settlements in particular, Taloyoak (formerly Spence Bay) and Gjoa Haven are renowned for the most imaginative and distinctive sculptural style. These multi-media works, dating back to the 1970s were technically brilliant, sometimes grotesque and always inventive.