4 part sculpture
A. h200cm x w150cm x d100cm
B. h180cm x w120cm x d90cm
C. h160cm x w120cm x d90cm
D. h140cm x w90cm x d90cm

This is an early piece by Blumenfeld made for her 1985 exhibition with Henry Moore (at his invitation) at Alex Rosenberg’s gallery. Moore died next year. Blumenfeld he sees it as a handing over of the baton moment: his artistic journey ending and hers taking off. The work was subsequently exhibited at Salisbury Cathedral.




Helaine Blumenfeld OBE [ - Present ]

Best known for her monumental public commissions, Blumenfeld is passionate about bringing sculpture into the public domain, creating works that have become intergral to the cultural landscape in the UK. Most notably, 'Tempesta' overlooking Hyde Park in London, installed in 2012 and ‘Fortuna’ in Canary Wharf in 2016. Blumenfeld's pieces represent some of the definitive examples of public sculpture

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