The Country Show

Tessa Newcomb

46 x 60 cm

Provenance: Private collection before being sold via Clark Art Ltd

Exhibited: Clark Art Ltd, 2010


“Scenes of the Suffolk countryside and coastline dominate her work. She evokes her subjects as “Spaces and Silences.” Pristine, haunting quietness characterises her painterly views of a contemplative white horse in a field, a short ferry ride across a luminous estuary, an improvisatory ballet of birds settling near eerily isolated rural houses, figures walking along a tow path rendered miniscule by the blissfully abandoned, unkempt roof of foliage.”  Philip Vann.

This painting is not different, there is an eerie silence with the figures perhaps anxiously waiting for the judgement on their produce they have entered into the show. The foods for judgement are unrealistically bigger than the figures, perhaps emanating the importance that has been placed upon them. In the background, two people have placed their heads together indicating they are judges deciding the winners from the figures in the foreground. The muted colour palette echoes the muted aura of the painting, as a viewer it almost seems disruptive to speak around it.