The field next to Tesco that is soon to be built on 6 2017- 2019

Oil paint on marine plywood and oak

32 cm x 40 cm

The site for the ‘The field next to Tesco that is soon to be built on’ series is an area on the outskirts of Crediton, a market town in mid Devon. The 3.25-acre area is called Well Parks on the planning application but I knew it as ‘The field next to Tesco’.
I found the site interesting because of its in-between status, placed between arable fields and light industry. It’s not cared for in the way a public area would be for recreational purposes, nor is it cultivated. There is an area within the site that has reeds planted in boggy land and small ponds have formed. These look incongruous with the overgrown hedges and fallen down trees.

Perhaps it is the knowledge that this area was on the cusp of change that drew me to paint it, or the changes that had already happened around it and altered the landscape in a small way. I wanted to make a record of this space as an acknowledgement of the changing landscape around a town that I know well. This is could be any town in Britain, as this event is repeated many hundreds of times over as towns continue to grow with the needs of the residents.