Volcan Lincancabur at Last Light, Chile, 2013

Dibond Mounted / Lustre Paper / Laminated / Unframed



“Lincancabur, the magnificent and perfectly formed volcano that overlooks San Pedro de Atacama, northern Chile, with Volcan Jurique’s slopes on the right. In Atacaman mythology, mountains are women and volcanos are men.According to oral tradition, millions of years ago, in the Andes mountain range, Lincancabur volcano fell in love with a beautiful mountain called Kimal. However, his brother Jurique also loved her.Their passion unleashed a fraternal struggle for the love of the mountain with clear slopes and a pointed peak. Lascar volcano, the father of the two brothers, grew tired of the dispute and decided to punish his least favourite son, Lincancabur, by hurling a ball of fire which hit him on the summit, tearing out his eyes so that they turned into salt, forming “the eyes of salt”. Not content with this he threw another ball, but missed and cut off the head of his favourite son Jurique.With both sons injured, he decided that it would be best to separate both of them from Kimal. So he banished her to the neighboring mountain range of Domeyko, where she became the highest mountain of them all at 4,200m. But, with the strength of their love, each winter solstice the shadows of Kimal and Lincancabur come together to remind us of this painful love story.”