Word of Mouth, 2022

48 Slipware panels
Each h13.5cm x w8.5cm (avg). Total size h112cm x w72cm
Signed and dated verso

The form of hand built red Staffordshire earthenware

The Balmoral, Cherries in the Snow, Copper Knockers, Flat out Fabulous, Pop Art Red, Fire And Ice, Funny Face, Heroine, Airy Fairy, Honolulu Honey, JK Magic, La La Land, Lady Danger, Lasting Kiss, Lolita, Lucky Star, London Luv, Miss Scarlet, Ice Queen, Fucking Fabulous, Twist of Fate, Victory Red, Ruby Tuesday, Ruby Woo, Sugar Daddy, Bite Me, Vibrant Red, Twilight Teaser, Velvet Angel, Iron Lady, Highway 66, Vinyl Dream, In Love With Olivia, Bloody Mary, Frank ’n’ furter, F-Bomb, Superstar, Doris Karloff, Red Hot Red, Boy Gorgeous, Magic Choo, Freida’s Red, Velvet Teddy, Cherry Pop Pop, Vegas Volt, American Beauty, Walk of Shame, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang





Kitty Shepherd [ 1960 - Present ]

Kitty Shepherd (b. 1960) is a British studio potter and ceramic artist known for her bold use of colour with slip. She describes the natural world and popular iconography in a way that is totally unique in the ceramic discipline. Her studios are based in Granada, Spain.

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