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The Bowthorpe Oak (detail)

Beth Moon

The Central Caboose, 2019

Daniel Agdag

The Circle Caboose, 2019

Daniel Agdag

The Colours of Aguas Calientes, Chile , 2013

Alexander Lindsay

The Country Show

Tessa Newcomb

The Discovery

Dianne Fogwell

The Duke of York’s Theatre, Coliseum and St Martin- in-the-Fiel

Peter Brown

The Dying Quiver tree Forest, Namibia

The Eagles Claw

Bridget McCrum

The Egg Hunter

Malene Hartmann Rasmussen

The Entrance Gate, Neuville, Foret d’Arc

Spencer Gore

The Factory

Henry Lamb RA

The Fall

Euan Macleod

The fish market at closing time

Alan Cotton

The Garrick Theatre, planes leafing

Peter Brown

The Gate, Mere Down

James Lynch