Etchings from Woolland


Set within the same gallery space as the Frink Studio is a series of etchings by Ti Parks (1939 – 2017).

Ti graduated from the Slade School in 1962. He moved to Australia in 1964 and became an important influence in the contemporary art world there. From the late 1970s until 2006 Ti became a close family friend of Elisabeth Frink and her son Lin Jammet and spent many weekends and holidays at Woolland. His time there was often spent drawing and working on drypoint etchings, that were all hand printed by him.

“It was very important for Ti to complete the whole process of printmaking himself; from the selection, cutting and preparing of the metal plate to the inking, wiping, pulling and final flattening of the finished print. It was a deliberate choice by the artist to work in this way having studied and admired the handmade prints of many 20th century artists often produced in their early years before they were in a position to use the commercial facilities of professional printer publishers.”

Sue Parks