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6th September 2018

Charles Poulsen

78. Birds above fish below, 2019

8 th Arrondissement

Jeffrey Milstein

8th November 2019

Charles Poulsen

9.30am The Studio

9am the studio with uprepared canvas, 2020

Peter Brown


9th January 2016

Charles Poulsen

9th September 2019

Charles Poulsen

A Bloomsbury Square, 1918

Wendela Boreel

A Bloomsbury Square, c.1918

Wendela Boreel

A Bunch of Flowers

Gwen John

A Crowd, 2016

Jørgen Haugen Sørensen

A Crown of Grass

Tuesday Riddell


A distant Pap from the Jura coast

Kurt Jackson

A Family Portrait

Charlotte Colbert

A few of wings Summer left (I)

Tyga Helme