Richard Hoare ‘Threshold’

Full colour 50-page exhibition catalogue for Richard Hoare ‘Threshold’ in January 2023.

Features an essay by the author Philip Marsden and a  preface by creative director Catherine Milner.

“Richard Hoare’s images are rooted in the real. They celebrate the physical shapes encountered on these coasts, the skyline of island and mountain, and they are moments – freeze-frames of the ever-shifting atmospheric drama, the angle and intensity of light. But they play too with the ambiguities.” Philip Marsden




Richard Hoare [ 1967 - Present ]

Richard has been painting ever since he left school - a vocational painter in the truest sense. The Inspiration for his work goes back to some of his earliest memories of the forests around his Father’s farm in East Anglia. This was magnified by his experiences walking the Pilgrim routes of England, France and Spain, drawing and recording the all the way.

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