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Untitled (2 sisters)

Turkey Tolson Tjupurrula

Untitled (2015)

Untitled (2023)

Alice von Maltzahn

Untitled (a ngoma, a dance festival)

Untitled (a strangely shaped cloud above the Ngong Hills)

Untitled (Bird 1)

Untitled (children sitting in front of Karen Blixen’s house)

Untitled (Farah with his son Saufe and Saufe’s little brother)

Untitled (Karen Blixen at her desk)

Untitled (Karen Blixen on horseback in front of her house)

Untitled (Karen Blixen walking by the dam)

Untitled (Karen Blixen with her dogs)

Untitled (Karen Blixen with her friend Erik von Otter)

Untitled (Karen Blixen’s farm at the foot of the Ngong Hills)

Untitled (Karen Blixen’s mother Ingeborg Dinesen and Kikuyus in front of the house)