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‘Making Introductions’ is a series of five films produced in partnership with our artists and focuses on the techniques that stand at the core of their respective studio processes.

Every masterpiece starts with a sketch, every journey with a step. It is often forgotten that art is as much a language as speaking. “Making Introductions” is about learning these different ways of communicating and being able to take part in the conversation.

Antony Williams on painting H.M The Queen

‘My approach to painting The Queen was to paint Her Majesty in the same way that I would tackle any other portrait, in working from intense observation of the subject, which can often produce as a result a heightened sense of realism.’


BP Portrait 2017 An interview with Antony Williams

Antony Williams, Winner of third prize in the BP Portrait Award 2017 is interviewed by Katherine Tyrrell in the Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London on 21st June 2017. copyright: Katherine Tyrrell | ‘Making A Mark’