8 July – 8 August

Visiting Messums London is by appointment


In the last four months we have had more than the usual time to plan for this exhibition. Whilst we did not know when we would be able to re-open, we made the decision at the beginning that whatever journey we were about to go on we were going there with our artists and we needed to help each other. This show is a thank you to all of those artists who have made this last period a shared experience and we are delighted to bring this together as the first exhibition in our London Gallery.

Many of the works included in the exhibition have been trailed in the previous months as part of our Studio Stories that have brought so much of the making process to life online. We also welcome a number of new artists who we have got to know better over this period and who will be part of our programming in the years ahead. Please enjoy this collection of works brought together by the context of shared experiences.